about SOS

Simplicity and longevity are the cornerstones of SOS product design.This has
been the case since the establishment of the brand more than forty years ago.
With dedication and passion, we combine knowledge from the past with new trends
and technologies to give our products outstanding functionality and comfort.
Our aspiration is to create products of lasting quality and style, made using only
the best craftsmanship and materials available.
It is important to us that the
end-consumer understands that SOS is identified by creating products in which you invest.
Driven by functionality, simplicity, and comfort, our collections should be viewed
as a selection of the best seasonal must-haves.

save our snow

made to last
We want SOS clothing to be your favorite outfit as favorite outfits equal
long-lasting clothing when they are worn again and again. Long-lasting
garments are the best products for the environment, as they make the most
of the resources used in the production process e.g., water and energy.
To maximize the use of the resources used for this garment, please use it
for the longest time possible. We guarantee that both design, functions,
and materials can withstand long-term use.

made to fit 
SOS garments are designed with focus on great fit, freedom of movement,
and comfortability and we aim to make clothing that make you feel great
wearing when performing your outdoor activities.

made with care
SOS products have Danish roots. They are designed and developed with a
Scandinavian mindset and care for people and planet.
We ensure that
the clothing items are manufactured in accordance with social standards
and respecting social rights. We also conduct various tests to ensure that
the garments meet the best standards, and to ensure that products are
free of potentially dangerous substances.

A piece of clothing from a SOS collection is not just any pieces of clothing.
It is a long-lasting relation. One to build memories with. One that can
protect and accompany you season after season. It is a keeper!
We want
to keep the powder crisp and clean for many generations to come.

Save Our Snow





Our collections are created for men's and women's apparel
with a commercial approach, supreme comfort, and outstanding
functionality. The collections are designed to provide protection
from the elements, delivering functionality, style, and comfort
for everyday use in any environment.

The sustainable perspective is rooted in urban city life, creating
sustainable, long-lasting designs. The timeless colors all complement
each other, resulting in highly accessible sustainable collections.
Simplicity is presented throughout the cutlines and silhouettes.
To ensure the cool and clean Scandinavian look, we use geometrical
shapes in many variations.

The central objective is to create products that last, that never
go out of style, and that have the quality to allow them to be worn
for many years.

SOS provides well-known, strong Scandinavian design combined
with outstanding functionality.