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  1. Kalmar Baselayer bottom Women
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  2. Kalmar Baselayer top Women
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  3. Nuuk Baselayer top Women
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  4. Nuuk Baselayer bottom Women
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4 Items

Baselayer for women


When you're heading out to exercise, you should give yourself the best conditions for performing at your best. With a good base layer in flexible and high-quality materials that adjust to your body's movements and help correct your changing body temperature, you can devote 100 percent of your energy to your exercise. At SOS, you'll find a great selection of baselayers that guarantee you a warm and comfortable body throughout your workout. 


Your baselayer will keep you and your muscles warm, so you avoid injuries and achieve better muscle recovery. Since your ski underwear is the layer closest to your skin, it’s preferable to choose a baselayer made of breathable materials, allowing fresh air to move in and out and creating the best conditions for your skin. Whether you're active on hot or cold days, it's beneficial to work out in sweat-wicking materials to move sweat and moisture away from your skin and prevent your body from cooling down too much. In our collection, you will find merino wool baselayers, which have a cooling effect on hot days and a heat-insulating effect on cold days. Even when it gets damp from rain or sweat, the wool keeps you warm, as it absorbs up to 30% of its own weight in moisture while still feeling dry to wear. In addition to its temperature-regulating properties, wool is self-cleaning. If you prefer a seamless baselayer made of polyamide and polyester materials that ensure freedom of movement, this type of baselayer is perfect for high-intensity training as it wicks away sweat from the body, dries quickly, and is durable.