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  1. Nuuk Baselayer bottom Men
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  2. Nuuk Baselayer top Men
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  3. Kalmar Baselayer top Men
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  4. Kalmar Baselayer bottom Men
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4 Items

Baselayer for men


The benefits of baselayers are many. A good base layer will ensure a comfortable body while you're being active, and provide you with the best conditions for using your energy properly. With the right SOS sports underwear, your body is kept warm and doesn't have to spend unnecessary energy adjusting its temperature while you're being active. This enables you to focus on performing at your very best while your baselayer keeps your body and muscles warm. 


A baselayer in breathable, and sweat-wicking materials provides the best conditions for your skin, as it lets air in and out and transports sweat away from the body, so you don't get too cold, whatever the weather. If you choose our merino wool baselayer, you'll have a product with good temperature-regulating properties, as wool keeps you cool on hot days and helps you stay warm on cool days. The surface structure of wool allows it to absorb up to 30 percent of its own weight in moisture while still feeling dry, as the core of the fibres absorbs sweat and rain, binding it inside the fibres themselves. Merino wool is a great natural product to use in different weather conditions and intensity levels, as it wicks away moisture and sweat from your body, keeping you dry throughout your workout. In addition, wool is naturally antibacterial and self-cleaning, so it takes longer before the smell of sweat occurs, and usually requires no more than an airing outside before it's fresh to wear again. However, if you choose one of our seamless baselayers in synthetic material, you will not experience the same quality of heat regulation. The added elastane in our synthetic material made of artificial fibres makes it durable and ensures good freedom of movement. This type of baselayer is ideal for high-intensity training because it wicks away sweat from the body quickly. Our designs are simple and sustainable in their expression and made of strong materials, so you can use them season after season. You just need to decide on the colour and material.