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  1. Haines Pants Men
    As low as €89.90
  2. Laax Pants Men
    As low as €79.90
  3. Bovec Shorts Men
    As low as €49.90
  4. Bovec Shorts Men
    As low as €49.90

Items 13-16 of 16


Pants, shorts, sweatpants, tights, outdoor pants – choosing the right bottoms can make a big difference for your performance and comfort. Browse the SOS collection to find the perfect pair of pants to fit your needs!

When it comes to choosing pants for outdoor activities, there are a few things to consider: your trousers should be durable and robust, and give you the best possible freedom of movement as well as lots of comfort. Once these criteria are fulfilled, it’s up to you to choose the perfect pants to fit your needs from our collection at SOS.

A good pair of outdoor pants should consist of durable materials and sport practical features such as waterproof and windproof properties, useful pockets and adjustable elements. On warmer days, it’s time to grab a pair of outdoor shorts: they give you all the advantages of outdoor pants, but keep the fresh breeze around your legs. Some outdoor activities are best onjoyed in tights that are snug around your legs while still being flexible, letting you move and supporting your tissue and circulation. The best part: of course, our tights aren’t just made for hiking, trail running or trekking, but are also great for everyday and leisure outfits.

Temperature- and moisture-regulating properties are essential a pair of pants. It’s a good idea to check your desired product’s breathability and whether or not there is padding or ventilation. While some of our pants are designed to keep you nice and cool, others have excellent warming and windproof properties, or they lie right in between – though never at the expense of breathability.

Regardless of which pair of pants you choose – at SOS, we care about creating designs that outlast fashion trends and that are produced with care and durable materials. This way, our garments fit many different wardrobes and styles, and can be combined with each other effortlessly, while bringing you joy season after season!